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14! -- World Record Set in Puttle

Allentown PA, November 6 -- During last evening's charity fundraiser for Sacred Heart Hospital held at the Lehigh Country Club, Brian Farrell of Center Valley, PA scored the world record low total of 14 over nine putts in Puttle. On his scorecard are six "1's" in a row from putt 3 through 8, his other remaining scores were a 2, 3 and 3. At no time did his putts threaten the Penalty Line nor did they come up short.

Mr. Farrell was competing for the second time during the fundraiser after he and a friend, Mr. O'Leary, recorded earlier scores of 28 an 29 respectively. Both their earlier scores has placed them into the top two positions before Tom Roccio scored a 21 to top the leaderboard.

The Puttle event was held on two different Official Puttle Mats, both of which had their own unique breaks. Mr. Farrell recorded his record low score after switching to the other mat and taking turns to putt due to the close proximity of Mr. O'Leary. Each of Mr Farrell's "1's" broke slightly left to right, which suited his left handed putting style, of which he was the only "lefty" to compete.

For his efforts, Mr. Farrell received the Original Puttle Game, a six pack of Dundee Amber Lager along with two etched beer glasses with a golf ball theme.

Mr. Farrell was one of twenty five competitors taking part and was spurned on by his friend's mild manner "trash" talking and his wife's wishes to go out a winner, which he did in spades. Mr. Farrell is a seven handicap golfer who plans on keeping his short game sharp over the upcoming Winter months using his new Puttle game, "This was a lot of fun and I'm really glad I gave it another shot." said Mr. Farrell as he and wife left for the evening.

Mr Farrell broke the previous low score of 17 by three points.