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The Incredible North Pole Puttle Tournament book describes how Santa and The Elves have an annual Puttle Tournament during their New Years vacation. Read how Santa and Elf Otto compete in an exciting playoff finish to determine who will be the next North Pole Puttle winner.

"Everyone knows Santa and the Elves work very hard making and delivering presents to all the boys and girls on Christmas eve. But immediately following the Holiday season, they take a well deserved vacation. Most people think they stay at the North Pole year round, but actually, they go to a nice little resort in a warm climate to relax and enjoy the beginning of the New Year. Santa and the Elves have lots of fun during this time and they always have a Puttle tournament to determine who is the best North Pole Puttle player.

The most recent tournament proved to be one of the most exciting, because Santa and Elf Otto, or E.O. as he was know around the Pole, were battling in an eighteen Puttle playoff. Santa and Elf Otto we're still tied after seventeen putts, at 24 points each. On their last Puttle putt, Santa went first.... "

Page one.

Page two.

Download this book Free, just by clicking on the pdf link here. All you'll need is a printer, two staples and a pair of scissors.

Here are the simple instructions Print the two page pdf back to back onto one Letter size sheet of paper. You may have to try this a couple of times for the proper alignment.

Fold length-wise on the Fold Line. Next fold the first page over. Before you cut on the Cut Line, place two staples, as shown above. When the staples are in, then cut along the Cut Line, and viola!, you know have your own little book of The Incredible North Pole Puttle Tournament.

Unfortunately, this book little book has no room for pictures, but if send us your drawings, either in the mail or by e-mail, we'll post them right here. Absolutely free! The email address is: director@iloveputtle.com. Don't forget to sign your first name, age and school.

Or, we can send you a book, but it'll cost you a dollar. (That's to cover the cost of the envelope and stamp.) Please send $1for the quantity ordered to:
North Pole Puttle Tournament Book, PO Box 16, Limeport PA 18060

Don't forget to tell your friends.