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Click here to download the podcast of the Golf Talk Radio interview with Mr Puttle. Thanks!

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*Puttle received the Creative Child Magazine 2009 Award Seal of Excellence in the Indoor Play category.

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"Puttle is fun!" -- Zuri, age 8

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-- Mr. Claus and His Employees

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  Click here to watch a very nice Puttle video produced by students,
Mr. Digges and Mr. Herbetz . Enjoy.

Somewhere over the rainbow, they're playing Puttle.
This is how it got there. Click here to watch the video.

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WFMZ-TV Channel 69 report on Puttle.

EmmausPatch has a nice article on Puttle and thefirstputt.org. Thanks!
The Intelligencer has a short story about The Puttle Tour. Nice.
A special thanks to the Emmaus Farmers' Market for another summer of Puttle fun.

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Dear Mr. Puttle

On our recent ladies night out my girlfriends and I headed to Allentown Brew Works for their Martini's and Manicures night. It was our first time there and we were having a great time talking,  laughing and being pampered. You can't beat $5 manicures, yummy drinks, shopping, good food and friends. That was when we first discovered Mr. Puttle. We excitedly accepted his invitation to try a few rounds of Mr. Puttle, in fact I believe the word "Competition" was used and that it what sparked our interest and boy oh boy where we in for a new experience!

Our group of Ten girls played 5 Holes while being coached by the creator of Mr. Puttle himself! What a great time we had. The game is challenging and creative, really unique and great for a party. One of my friends even won a free set. Our cheering and roaring laughter while playing that night filled the air and before  we knew it we where posing for a photograph with Mr. Puttle himself being held up in the air by myself and my nine girlfriends!  We loved your game so much that I bought a set that night for an upcoming Beer Tasting Party that my Sister-in-law is having next  month. I know it will be a great hit.

So thank you so much for introducing us to Mr. Puttle and being such a good sport in our company. We cant wait to spread the word that Ilovemrputtle.com too...

Misty S.


Students from St.Thomas More of Allentown, PA enjoying Puttle during The Puttle Tour at On The Green.

"Start getting that putting stroke ready for the new golf season.
Puttle improves your skills while having a lot of fun. -- Tom C., golfer

Via LinkedIn:

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative

"I first met Mr Puttle at a Philadelphia yelp event where he was demonstrating Puttle. My (then) 5 year old daughter immediaitely fell in love with the game and played it all afternoon. Since that time, I have purchased the childs Puttle set - complete with an adjustable putter. My (now) 6 year old loves to play - right in our living room - and we recommend Puttle to all our friends." 


"I recently organized a fundraiser which included a Chinese Auction, 50/50 drawing, pool 'trick shot' challenge and a Puttle Tournament.  As I was working the event, I observed a large crowd participating in the Puttle Tournament.  Everyone was laughing and joking and cheering and booing...  This game generated a lot of participation, along with a very active audience.  Ken conducted a well organized and entertaining tournament and generously donated prizes for the winners.  He'll be at my next fundraiser."

AnnMarie Strauss

Administrative Assistant