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The United States Puttle Organization is sanctioned by the International Puttle Organization to encourage Puttle participation within the United States through the friendly competition and common goodwill of those who play and compete.

Puttle is enjoyed by everyone, young and old, who can hold a putter and Puttle a golf ball. If you have ever played mini-golf, a round of golf, or have worked on your short game with a cup across the room, you'll find Puttle to be an excellent compliment. Puttle is fun, simple but challenging.

The International Puttle Organization's maintains the Official Rules of Puttle and other important documents necessary to play, compete and enjoy.

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The United States Puttle Organization in conjunction with iloveputtle.com are pleased to present a child-friendly, community-centered event to help support local education and encourage competitive fair play.

www.the first putt .org

thefirstputt.org is an initiative conceived by the United States Puttle Organization and iloveputtle.com to assist local school districts in their fund raising efforts by offering a fun and challenging sporting event that everyone in their community can participate in. The event proposed is a Puttle tournament for all ages and abilities. Puttle  is a simple game which combines the key elements of golf putting and bowling, whereby the object of the game is to score the lowest number of points after nine putts. Scoring in Puttle  is from 1 point (the best) to 5 points (the worst). Puttle is played on the Official Puttle Mat which is twelve feet long by 18 inches wide. The mat is marked in such a way so children are able to be have a handicap system based on their age. A six year old will putt from six feet, eight year olds at eight feet and everyone ten and older putts from ten feet. All golfers putt from ten feet regardless of age. Included with this document is the Official Puttle Scoring Diagram courtesy of iloveputtle.com which indicates the scoring for the game.

Puttle is so simple, children as young as four years old can easily play. But Puttle is also a challenging due to the necessity of understanding and executing the speed and accuracy of a low scoring putt.

The United States Puttle Organization's mission is to encourage Puttle participation by offering this initiative such as thefirstputt.org in conjunction with iloveputtle.com.  Puttle  is a physical game requiring only a large, open space to place one or more Puttle mats for the competition. Participants would compete in two-person teams with the lowest combined score being the winner. Categories for the competitors would be divided by grade up to senior high school with the adult category defined as those out of school. In the Adult category, it is highly recommended that the competitors be divided into either, Golfer or Non-Golfer based on the simple question, "Are you a golfer?"  Experience mini-golfers are allowed to compete in the Non-Golfer category. All school age "golfers" must compete at a distance of ten feet.

The suggested entry fee for the tournament is $1 for students and $5 for adults with all proceeds donated to your local school district or community. Suggested awards for the winners are donated gift certificates from local businesses along with one Puttle Game per winner. It is suggested that students be grouped into Grade School, Middle School and High School divisions thereby allowing equitable competition among similar age groups. High School students are allowed to compete in the Adult Golfer category, but must pay the appropriate entry fee.

The colder months on the school year are an excellent time to conduct a Puttle tournament since the game is best played indoors on a flat, smooth surface such as a gym floor or conference room.

Because a Puttle tournament is open to everyone in the community, it is suggested that local retailers and merchants would be well to consider donating a prize to offer the winners as well as the second and third place finishers.

Since the scoring in a Puttle tournament is the same as golf, the leaderboard per category will quickly gain attention to see which group has the lowest score during the competition. At the end of competition, the group with the lowest total per category is the winner. It is very possible a playoff will need to be played to determine the winner. The format for this event can be very simple, have just one player compete per group and the first person to post the lower score wins.

A two person team can play a nine putt Puttle tournament is approximately twenty minutes. Two teams can compete at the same time on one Puttle mat.  With four Puttle mats, 72 competitors can finish their matches in one hour. All Puttle supplies may be purchased online at www.iloveputtle.com

Additional revenue opportunities are available by selling the Puttle game and/or thefirstputt.org buttons. Please contact K.O. Kleppert for information on bulk pricing.

Click here to view the Puttle ®  order page.

Puttle received an award of Excellence from Creative Child Magazine in the Indoor Play category in 2009.


- Puttle is fun and everyone can play. If you can putt, you can Puttle.
- A Puttle tournament is exciting. When scores begin to be posted, competitors engage themselves fully in the competition.
- A Puttle tournament is easy to set up, play and put away. A minimal amount of space is required to store the necessary Puttle tournament materials.
- Weather is never a problem since Puttle is played indoors.
- Four Puttle games will be donated as prizes.

A ten page pdf below includes a Puttle Scoring Diagram, Generic Registration Forms, Scorecards and Press Release.

 - Registration form for the two person teams. (a generic registration form is attached)
- Scorecards (a generic scorecard is attached in pdf format)
- Small pencils for each scorecard. Local golf courses may offer theirs for the occasion.
- A large, open, flat community space such as a gym, community room or foyer.
- A registration table with two volunteers to help check in competitors, explain the scoring in Puttle, hand out scorecards and pencil.
- Two volunteers per Puttle mat to assist in resetting Puttle pins and to verify the scoring per putt is ideal, but not mandatory. Competitors can reset pins and verify the score.
- One golf ball is required per Puttle mat. Competitors should be encouraged to bring their own putter and golf ball or lend their equipment for others to use.
- Volunteers to promote your tournament locally. This may be either through local newspapers, community organizations, websites, blogs, or other social media.
- Simple signs to identify each categories leaderboard and removeable tape to post scorecards.
- A Puttle Kit which contains a Puttle Game and Puttle Mat. Special pricing is available for this program, please contact K.O. Kleppert for details.

Click here to download the nine page PDF proposal

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