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The International Puttle Organization is responsible for establishing the official rules and regulations which govern Puttle worldwide.

Our mission is to uphold fair competition and encourage common goodwill of those who participate.

Play by the rules.

PUTTLE OVERVIEW / Click here for a PDF.



Established by the International Puttle Organization, © 2007, All rights reserved.
Download PDF version here.

The International Puttle Organization requires that all competitors read the entire Official Rules of Puttle before you begin play. Send queries via email to: director@iloveputtle.com. Play by the rules.


Section 1:
1a.    The game of puttle consists of scoring points during each of eighteen attempts of puttling the ball towards the puttle pin, (also refered to as "putter pins", "putting pins" and "puttling pins"). Each attempt is a puttle and is numbered starting at 1 and concluding at 9 or 18.
1b.    An official game consists of at least two players completing at least nine continuous puttles.
1c.    Players will alternate attempts to puttle.
1d.    If more than two players are competing, the puttle order shall be determined by age, starting with the youngest player.
1e.   The competitor with the low scoring points after nine or eighteen puttles is the winner.
1f.    If at the end of the match, the scores are equal, a playoff will commence consisting of three puttles. If after the third playoff puttle, the scores are equal, playoff puttles will continue until a player has scored the lower point against his/her opponent.
1g.   In tournament competition, the puttle pins shall be positioned by either a witness, a non-competing player or capable spectator.
1h.   All final scores shall be dated, attested to, along with a brief description of the playing surface and location.
1i.    All tournament competitions will be organized using elimination rounds to allow for only one victor per event.

Section 2:
2.     Scoring points are awarded as to the following results:
2a.     If after the puttle ball is struck by the putter and it's centerline crosses the centerline of the puttle pins without leveling any puttle pins, 4 points are scored.
2b.     If the puttle ball comes to rest against a puttle pin or moves a puttle pin but the pin remains upright, 4 points are scored.
2c.     If after the puttle ball is struck, it comes to rest prior to the puttle pins, 4 points are scored.
2d.     If after the puttle ball is struck, it interacts with any foreign object on its path towards the puttle pins, the puttle will immediately be scored as 4 points. ( see rule 7e.)
2e.    If the puttle ball levels either of the outside puttle pins, 3 points are scored.
2f.     If the puttle ball levels either of the outside puttle pins and the center colored puttle pin, 2 points are scored.
2g.    If the puttle ball levels all three puttle pins. 2 points are scored.
2h.    If the puttle ball levels only the center colored puttle pin, 1 point is scored.
2i.     If at any time during a game, after all three puttle pins have been properly positioned, one or all puttle pins should be leveled without any interaction from any ball, puttle device, player, spectator or witness, then the leveled pins(s) shall be repositioned. Play will continue.
2j.    At the conclusion of a game or match, and after a scorecard has been witnessed with the competitor's signature, if a player's score is ruled inaccurate by the tournament officials, the player will be disqualified, but the corrected final total will be used in determining handicap.
2k.   Any extra puttle attempt or "mulligan" is not allowed.

Section 3:
3.     The three puttle pins are positioned as follows:
3a.     The three puttle pins are arranged in a straight line, perpendicular to the path of a puttle ball placed at a distance of no less than 12 feet (3.65760 meters) centerline of puttle ball to centerline of the puttle pins.
3b.     The puttle pins are positioned with the colored pin centered between two outside puttle pins.
3c.     The two outside puttle pins shall be positioned 2.5" (63.5 cm), on center from the center of the middle colored pin. (PDF diagram available at www.puttleinternational.org)
3d.     Puttle pins should be cleaned, dry, and free of any debris prior to the start of the game. Damaged or unsightly pins should be replaced and disposed of properly
3e.    If the three puttle pins are placed less than 10 feet (3.048 meters) from the puttle ball, the Official Rules of Puttle apply but the contest will not be recogized as an official match.

Section 4:
4.     Located 18 inches (45.72 cm) behind the centerline of the three puttle pins in a straight line, parallel to the puttle pins, is the puttle penalty line. If the puttle ball crosses the puttle penalty line, 1 additional point is added to the scoring points awarded during the puttle (Example: the puttle ball misses all three puttle pins and crosses the penalty line: total scoring points are 5 [4 for not making contact with any puttle pins + 1 penalty point for crossing the penalty line]).

Section 5:
5a.     The ball used in the game of puttle can be a regulation golf ball(1) or puttle ball consisting of the same physical characteristics, (circumference, weight and shape).
5b.     Any ball other than a regulation golf ball must be inspected and approved by the International Puttle Organization prior to any competition.

Section 6:
6a.     The puttle ball will be directed towards the puttle pins using a regulation golf putter(2) or similar device.
6b.     The puttle device shall be manually operated by the player or competitor.

Section 7:
7a.     A shot or "puttle" will commence as soon as the ball begins its path towards the puttle pins.
7b.     The player is allowed only one attempt at directing the ball towards the puttle pins per puttle.
7c.     Between the time the ball is hit to when it comes to a rest is considered an official attempt to puttle
7d.     A puttle attempt is concluded when the centerline of the puttle ball passes the centerline of the puttle pins, when the puttle ball comes to rest against the puttle pins, or when the puttle ball comes to a rest without having interacted with any of the puttle pins.
7e.     A puttle will conclude, if at any time during the movement of the puttle ball, the puttle ball should strike, touch, hit or come in contact with a non-playing element. This element may consist of a wall, chair or other foreign object nearby or surrounding the playing surface.

Section 8:
8a.     The playing surface shall consist of a smooth, continuous material as to allow for level placement of the puttle pins and unimpeded movement of the puttle ball.
8b.     The surface shall be relatively level to ensure proper placement of the puttle pins and to not put undue strain on a player. Ideal surfaces consist of indoor-outdoor carpeting, rugs large enough for the puttle pins and puttle ball to be on the same surface, and outdoor putting greens.
8c.     Certain playing surfaces are not recommended: asphalt, concrete, or any substance, which causes the surface of the puttle ball to lose contact with the playing surface. Tournament organizers should consult with the International Puttle Organization if the playing surface is in question.

Section 9:
9a.     All players shall conduct themselves in a respective and polite manner. Though the game warrants emotional reactions, please be mindful of your competitor and audience. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and incidents should be reported to the Director of the International Puttle Organization for further review.
9b.     All players will commence and conclude play with a proper salutation or handshake.
9c.     Any malicious tampering with the puttle pins by a competitor during a competition will result in an immediate forfeit of the game and dismissal from the tournament.

Section 10:
10a.    All players who have competed in a minimum of twelve games within a calendar year must determine their handicap so as to make future competitions fair and equitable.
10b.    Handicap is formulated on an scoring point total of 3 scoring points per puttle. (Example: A (0) zero handicap player consistently scores 54 scoring points per one game of Puttle.)
10c.    After a minimum of twelve games, the player will be able to determine the handicap of his/her game based on the scoring points amassed during those games. These games must be completed within a twelve-month period.
10d.    Handicap is determined in the following manner: from the twelve games played to establish handicap, eliminate the highest and lowest scoring point games. With the remaining ten games, add the total number of scoring points and divide by ten. The resulting number is your handicap. Recalculate the handicap after each game thereafter using the scoring average of the ten most recent games.
10e.    All tournament competitors must have a current handicap and be a registered member with their respective national governing body. If there is no governing organization for your home country then the player must register with the United States Puttle Organization.
10f.    If a player resumes play after a twelve-month absence, the player must reestablish a handicap.
10g.   Any player who competes in less than twelve puttle games per year, is a recreational player.

Section 11:
11a.     The puttle game or match must be played in a well-lit area. Indoor venues require sufficient illumination and ventilation. Outdoor matches must be played during daylight hours.
11b.    Outdoor matches can be played before sunrise or after sunset with the use of sufficient artificial illumination.
11c.     If during an outdoor, artificially illuminated game, electrical power is disrupted or lost, players shall immediately stop play and resume when conditions warrant. Any puttle attempt in progress during this disruption will be null and void.
11d.     All tournament competitions shall be witnessed by a non-playing member or official and will resolve any scoring disputes. If the dispute cannot be properly resolved during the competition, the witness will score the higher scoring point in question, inform the competitors to continue play, and label the scorecard "under protest". At the conclusion of the match, the witness will deliver a report with a copy of the scorecard to the Director of the International Puttle Organization for further review and consideration of action.
11e.     Any malicious tampering with the puttle pins by anyone during a competition will result in the removal of the offending person from the playing environment.
11f.     During tournament play, spectators may verbally display their reactions or emotions, but the International Puttle Organizations recommends that prior to and during the puttle attempt, the audience remain quiet.

Play by the rules.
Director of the International Puttle Organization

(1) (2) A regulation golf ball and putter equipment are inspected and approved by the governing organizations of golf. Please consult The Royal & Ancient, St Andrews, Scotland and The United States Golf Association for exact standards.

(3) What's the score if you knock down all three pins? That's called a KNOCKOUT. On rare occasion all three Puttle pins are knocked over. When this happens, it is the only time during a match the player is allowed to take ONE POINT OFF his final score. Since the Center and an Outside pin have been knocked over, the putt scores as a 2. If the ball does not cross the Penalty Line, the score is a 1 (2-1=1). If the ball crosses the Penalty Line, the score is a 2 (2+1=3-1=2).